Mrs. Michelle Rothe Email:

Mrs. Christine Brady Email:

Ms. Katie Lu Email:

Daily Schedule:

  • Morning circle and calendar

  • Lucy Calkin's Reading and Writer's Workshop

  • Math Expressions, Math journals and number sense

  • Second Step Social Emotional Learning

  • Positive Behavior Supports

  • Physical Education and Library Time

  • Scientific investigations & Social Studies

  • Snack, Lunch and Free Choice!

Supplies for School:

  • Your child will need a backpack (labeled with their name) every single day.

  • Your child will also need a small, healthy snack that can be eaten in 5 minutes every single day. No candy, please.


Kindergarten is a busy place. Please send your child to school in clothing and shoes that will allow for very active and a variety of movement experiences.


  • Kinders will read or be read-to 15-20 minutes per night

  • A weekly homework packet will also be sent home

  • The MOST important homework is reading