Attendance and Health Services 

School Attendance

We ask for your support in assuring that your child attends school every single day unless they are ill.  Daily attendance assures that your child receives the best possible education that Nesbit can offer.  


If your child is ill, you are expected to call the school office at 650-637-4860 each day of the absence to let us know that the child will not be in school.  For your child's safety, our office staff must verify the whereabouts of absent children and will need to reach you if you have not called in.  The office is staffed between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  At all other times, an answering machine is on for absence reporting.  Children should not be sent to school if they are feeling ill so that they can get better and so that other children don’t get sick.  Students may not come to school if they have had a fever within the past 24 hours. 

Please review Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Illness Guidelines. 

Nesbit’s School Nurse is Ms. Luna. You may reach her at 

The District Nurse is Ms. Terri Sandoval. You may reach her at

BRSSD's Wellness & Support Guidelines 


We ask that you assure that your child is at school every day on time.  Tardies result in your child missing valuable classroom activities or instruction.  Being late 5 minutes a day over the course of the school year adds up to your child missing a total of 900 minutes (or 15 hours) of instructional minutes.  Families with excessive tardies will be asked to meet with principal who will help the family develop a plan that will assure on-time arrival at school.

Out of Town

If your child will not be attending school due to an out of town absence, a note must be given to the child’s teacher two weeks prior to the date of absence. Students missing more than 10 days of school will be unenrolled from the school and must re-enroll upon return.  Space is not guaranteed back at school.  Please notify the office of your child’s expected absence either in person or by phoning the attendance line.


Under state regulations, a student absent three times without being excused or late three times in excess of thirty minutes is considered truant.  (Note:  The state allows only medical/dental appointments and illness as excused tardies.)  If the truancy is not corrected, students will be referred to the district’s School Attendance Review Board (SARB).  For children to receive the full benefit of their education at Nesbit, it is necessary for them to be in school daily and ready to work when class begins at 8:25.  Please help us to instill good habits in your child.


We encourage you to make appointments for your children outside regular school hours if at all possible.  If it is necessary for you to remove your child from school, please come first to the office to sign out your child.  The child must be signed out by an adult (parent or someone authorized on the emergency card) and signed back in upon arrival back at school.

Homework During Absences

Requests for homework should be left with the office staff or on a teacher’s voice mail or email.  Please do not interrupt classroom instruction to ask for missed assignments.  Homework may be picked up in the school office.

Physical Education Instruction

Students will be excused from participation only with a written excuse from a doctor or parent.