Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

Nesbit implements Restorative Justice (RJ) practices when children engage in misconduct. As an RJ school, our focus is in helping those who engage in misconduct to realize that they have harmed someone in our community and that not only have they hurt someone, they now have a responsibility to repair the harm they have created. This involves bringing the harmed and the harmer together to have them engage in a conversation where the harmed is able to share how they have been harmed to the harmer. The harmed is then asked how they would like the harmer to repair the harm. Once the harmed shares how they would like the harm to be repaired, the harmed is asked whether or not they are able to follow through with the request to repair the harm. If the harmer agrees, the harmer is required to engage in the actions. If the harmer is unable to agree, further disciplinary action will be taken by the administration.

By creating a school culture where the emphasis is on repairing harm to those harmed, we strengthen our community and we grow those who are engaging in misconduct the ability to be more empathetic. This building of empathy helps to prevent future misconduct from occurring.

Restorative Justice Cycle

Intervention Flow Chart

Restorative Justice Think Sheets

The following Think Sheets are used to help students process their feelings when misconduct occurs.

Think Sheets for Those Who Have Harmed Others:

Think Sheets for Those Who Have Been Harmed: