Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

PBIS Goals

The goal of PBIS is to switch the a school's focus from solely providing attention to negative behaviors to reinforcing and giving attention to those demonstrating positive behaviors. By actively rewarding positive behaviors, more positive behaviors will be generated by all. As a result of children engaging in more positive behaviors, more time will be spent on instruction rather than discipline!

In order to reward positive behaviors, children must first know what positive behaviors look like so that they can engage in those positive behaviors. Schools implementing PBIS identify Core Values that every child is taught to achieve. Next, schools actively teach how the Core Values look like in terms of behavior in various locations throughout the school such as in the classroom, on the playgrounds, at the lunch tables, in the hallways, etc. Finally, schools implementing PBIS have reward ceremonies for those children who engage in positive behaviors that support the school's Core Values.

Nesbit's PBIS Values and Behavior Matrix

This form provides information on behaviors that are expected in various locations throughout our campus that match our core values. The principal teaches these behavior expectations and values at Morning Gathering and teachers also actively teach the following in their classrooms:

Nesbit's PBIS Behavior Matrix

Nesbit Intervention Flowchart

Nesbit's Core Values

Puma Stars

Students are rewarded with Puma Stars when they are discovered to be engaging in a core value on campus. Students can use their Puma Stars at our Puma Store where they can cash-in their hard earned tickets for motivational prizes!