School Expectations & Values


Acting towards others in ways that they feel cherished and honored.

  • Students show equal respect to those in authority including teachers, aides, yard duty, cafeteria personnel, parent volunteers, chaperones, and other adults.

  • Students follow the instructions of teachers and support staff.

  • Students are polite, courteous and demonstrate good manners.

  • Students show respect by listening while others are talking.


Acting in ways that show you are “doing what you know is right."

  • Students are considerate and kind to one another.

  • Students solve problems in a positive manner using tools such as conflict resolution.

  • Students express their feelings in a constructive way.

  • Students use proper manners.

  • Students show respect by asking permission before handling other people’s things.

  • Students treat others as they wish to be treated.

  • Students keep hands, feet, and other objects to themselves.

  • Students wear appropriate clothing.

  • Students work cooperatively with their peers.


Acting in ways that makes sure you and others are not harmed.

  • Keep hands to self and use words to express frustrations.

  • Students take care of classroom books, materials, and school equipment.

  • Students follow guidelines for appropriate use of technology.

  • Students clean up after themselves and throw away garbage in the appropriate container.

  • Students take care of library books and return them on time.

  • Students respect bulletin board displays and art work.

  • Students use the bathroom appropriately.


Acting in ways that bring others closer to you.

  • Students will take the initiative to include all children, of all abilities, in all social situations.

  • Students wishing to have limited play experiences that may exclude others will have those play experiences at home.

  • Students will only limit the size of games to ensure safety.

  • Students will handle social challenges that may result by appropriately seeking help from an adult after first attempting to handle the situation on their own.