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After School Intervention

Dependent upon your child's in class performance and based upon teacher recommendation, your child may qualify to receive free after school tutoring in reading, writing and mathematics.  Interventions occur 2-3 times per week after school for approximately 30-45 minutes per session.  If your child is not performing at grade level and you believe your child may benefit from After School Intervention, please see your child's classroom teacher and express your concerns.

Intervention Programs


Nesbit Elementary School is committed to helping every student maximize his or her academic potential.

By providing opportunities for students to receive a learning experience tailored to their abilities, Nesbit Elementary School helps instill confidence and a love of learning at an early age.

We offer a number of specialists and enrichment programs to help each student achieve to his or her highest potential:

  • A variety of resource specialists and speech therapists for students with specific learning needs
  • A school improvement program aimed at increasing the performance of every student
  • After school programs in academics and community service
  • Enrichment programs for students seeking a more challenging academic environment

We welcome feedback on any of our programs. Please contact us if you have questions, comments or suggestions on how we could better help your child.

Student Study Team (SST)

The SST is a pre-referral action plan process for intervention.  Parents, teachers, administration, resource teachers sit together as a collaborative group to discuss the individual needs of a specific child who is considered to be having difficulties in school.  The goal of the meeting is to develop an action plan of shared responsibility between home and school that will result in an increase in social, emotional or academic achievement in the child.  The action plan can take many forms and may include the following:

  • Parent Action Plan
    • Parent to increase the amount of time a child reads at home.
    • Parent to take child to pediatrician for a vision or hearing exam.
    • Parent to increae the amount of sleep a child has each night.
    • Parent to increase the amount of exercise a child participates in each day.
  • Teacher Action Plan
    • Teacher to move child closer to the front of the classroom
    • Teacher to modify assignments or homework for child.
    • Teacher to increase the number of check-ins a child receives throughout the day.
  • School Action Plan
    • Child to receive additional support from Reading Specialist
    • Child to participate in after-school intervention services.
    • Child to participate in on-site mental health services

Targeted Intervention Groups (TIG)

Children who are performing just below grade level will receive an additional 30 minutes of ELA instruction from the classroom teacher four days a week.  Children who are performing just below grade level in math will receive an addition 30 minutes of math instruction from a classroom teacher two days a week.  As children attain grade level mastery, they will be exited from the TIG group.

Reading Specialist

Based upon your child's reading assessment and teacher referral, additional support in reading instruction is provided through our Reading Specialists.  Reading support is provided on a daily basis in a small group setting.  If you believe your child is in need of additional reading support, please see your child's classroom teacher and voice your concerns.

English Language Development

If your child is identified as an English Language Learner based upon his/her score on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT), your child will receive additional ELD instruction. ELD instruction may happen within the classroom setting or through a pull out program with our ELD specialist.  If you believe your child is an English Language Learner, please inform your child's teacher so that your child can be properly assessed to determine their prociency with the reading, writing, listening and speaking in english.

Special Education

Assuring that all children are success is a goal at Nesbit School.  Children who qualify for special education, through their IEP, are entitled to receive a variety of services during the school day at Nesbit.  Some of the services provided to the children may include:

  • Learning Center specialized instruction
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Behaviorist Support
  • Occupational Therapy support
  • Adaptive physical education

If you believe that your child has a disability, please notify your child's teacher or the school principal so that a team can be gathered to determine your child's eligibility for special education as well as their learning needs.