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In the event of a major disaster (fire, earthquake, flood, chemical spill, power failure, civil disturbance) during school hours, children will be kept at school. They will be released only to previously authorized individuals. The exception is in the event of a serious injury in which case children will be released to an ambulance.   when we would send the child for emergency medical care. Your child's Emergency Contact Information provided during the registration process  is the primary document used to locate you or the people you've designated to pick up your child.

Your child will NOT be released to anyone who is not on this emergency card. It is imperative that your child's Emergency Information be kept current and accurate. Please contact the school if there are any changes.

Disaster Preparedness Information for Parents

Nesbit School has plans for responding to emergency situations such as earthquakes, chemical spills, power failures, fires, civil disturbances, and any other event that interrupts regular school activity.  Every month, children participate in Safety Drills designed to help assure children that in the event of an emergency, they are empowered to follow school emergency protocols because they have practiced the protocols.

Should an emergency occur, the safety of students is our primary objective. We ask your help in following the guidelines listed below.    

1. No student will be dismissed from school unless a parent (or individual previously designated by a parent) comes to school for him/her.       

2. No student will be allowed to leave school with any person, even a relative or babysitter, unless that particular person is listed on the student's emergency card. Please make sure that your child's emergency card always has current information.

3. Do not call the school. We must have the lines open for emergency calls. Also, we may not be in the office if we have had to evacuate the building.    

4. If we need to contact you about the situation at school, a schoolwide message will be sent via School Messenger..        

5. As soon as possible, come to school to pick up your child and any other children for whom you are the emergency card designee.         

6. Park on the streets. Leave the driveway and parking areas clear for emergency vehicles.    

7. If there is a need to evacuate, we would be at St. Mark's Church, 325 Marine View Way or at Alexander Park on Yorkshire Way.  

8. Remain calm. We will stay with your child(ren) and keep them safe for however long it takes to reunite them with you.

**If you would like to review our complete Emergency Response Plan, it is available in the office.         

Parents will be asked to supply a non-perishable snack for their child's emergency kit.