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Nesbit PTA Meetings for 2021-22

(Our PTA meetings are generally every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm. They will be held virtually until further notice

Sep 21, 7-9pm

Oct 19, 7-9pm

Nov 16, 7-9pm

Dec (TBD)

Jan 18, 7-9pm

Feb 15, 7-9pm

March 15, 7-9pm

April 19, 7-9pm

May 17, 7-9pm

June 21, 7-9pm (last meeting of the year)


Nesbit School PTA

Welcome to the Nesbit PTA - We make Nesbit AWESOME!

The Nesbit School PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit parent and teacher organization (Tax ID # 94-6184980) that encourages parent and teacher collaboration working towards delivering an outstanding education for all students. At Nesbit (pre-K to 8th grade school), we are fortunate to have a highly active PTA that focuses on three primary goals: 1) Community Building towards a positive learning environment and connectivity between families; 2) Advocacy for children’s education; and (3) Fundraising to support educational and enrichment programs that benefit the children of Nesbit School.

One of the strongest and most important ways to contribute is to give to the Education Commitment Campaign (ECC).

For the second year, all the BRSSD Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and SchoolForce have partnered together to make it easier than ever before to support our schools. Rather than being asked multiple times to contribute to multiple organizations, if you donate during the Education Commitment Campaign time period of Aug 1-Oct 31, a combined donation will cover virtually all of your child’s educational needs. A single donation contributes to your PTA and SchoolForce. Streamlining your fundraising dollars and maximizing the impact on your child’s education!

Watch this short video to learn more. When our community comes together, we provide amazing opportunities for our kids!

Giving our kids access to a high quality, well-rounded education is one of the most important things I can do as a parent, PTA president, and community member. While it’s harder for me to change the financial situation of our school district, one thing that I can do is pitch in to close the funding gap so that the kids don’t suffer from it. My donation to SchoolForce and PTA funds teachers, programs, and resources that help provide a high quality educational experience. By donating to the ECC, I am making an investment in my children and their future. Doing what I can to make sure all of our kids get what they need is a no brainer for me.

— Jackee Bruno, Nesbit School parent and PTA President




How Can You Help and Stay Connected?

  1. Get Involved - Raise your hand that you are willing to help. Email
  2. Donate to the Education Commitment Campaign - Please Donate so we can fund the programs mentioned above.
  3. Pawprints Newsletter - Sign up for our weekly Nesbit Pawprints Newsletter to stay informed by clicking here
  4. Join our Nesbit School Facebook private group and follow us on additional social media channels:
  5. Events Calendar page - View upcoming events (subscribe to our Google calendar).
  6. Attend our PTA meetings (virtual until further notice) - every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. EVERYONE is invited to attend!

Your PTA Leadership Team


The 2021-2022 PTA Board (includes elected officials and appointed board members)

Elected Officials:

  • President - Jackee Bruno,
  • Executive Vice President - Angela Brady,
  • Treasurer - Dave Poole,
  • Recording Secretary - Kair Gebauer,

Appointed Board Members:

  • Parliamentarian - Joanne Adamkewicz,
  • Auditor - Zarene Au,
  • Historian - Marjorie Gelin Goodwin,
  • Financial Secretary - Sid Tao,
  • PTA Site Council Rep - Denice Leong,
  • SchoolForce Chair - Nivedita Sahasrabudhe,

School Representatives:

Click here to view Committee Chairs


Finance and Budget Information


Nesbit PTA Expense Reimbursement/Payment Authorization forms:

Cash Verification Form (for committee leads to fill out for money collected for bank deposit): Link to download form