Middle Years Program: 6th - 8th Grades

Science (6th-8th)

Cass De Wood

Learning Center

Teena Farrell


  • Spanish

  • Film Study

  • Advisory (6th)

  • Leadership

  • TechnoLOGIC

  • STEM Investigations

  • Fine Arts

Electives at Nesbit are an opportunity to enrich and enhance the student experience. Electives are a unique opportunity for teachers to select and design a course that they are passionate about! Electives are offered to students in a wheel format. The elective wheel, coupled with electives delivered from the passions of our teachers, provides a unique experience for students. Students are not asked to make elective choices from a menu, rather, they are provided enriching elective rotations.

Design features within our elective program:

  • All 6th grade students will participate in an executive functioning elective called: Advisory. This elective will take place in Trimester 1. During this course, students will develop organizational, communicative, and technological skills; and familiarize themselves with middle school tools and strategies.

2022-2023 Middle School Handbook

After-School Sports

Nesbit School participates in Art Davis Activity League for sports. Carpools of families participating will be encouraged. Contact twhitebread@brssd.org for more information.

Fall Sports

  • Flag Football

  • Girls Volleyball

  • Cross Country

Winter Sports:

  • Boys Basketball

  • Girls Basketball

Spring Sports

  • Basketball Clinic

  • Track and Field (with Ralston)

Service Projects

All 8th grade students will be asked to complete a service project consisting of 15 hours of work designed to improve the community or world with which we live in. By the end of the project, students will be able to say with confidence, "I make a difference!" because they will have found a way to serve our community or world in a positive way.


Nesbit Middle School Students will be issued a Chromebook for use both at school and at home. Once assigned to a child, the Chromebook will become the responsibility of that child through 8th grade. Children will take their Chromebooks home daily and are expected to bring their Chromebook to school every day fully charged and ready for use. Children are expected to use the Chromebook in accordance with BRSSD's Technology Use Agreement as well as Nesbit's Technology Use Agreement. Broken and lost Chromebooks will not be replaced. Therefore, children are highly encouraged to take the utmost of care with these Chromebooks. Should a Chromebook become unusable, the responsible child will no longer have access to a Chromebook at home. However, they will still have access to a Chromebook while at school. Upon graduation from 8th grade, the Chromebook will be returned to Nesbit School.

7th Grade Immunization Requirements

All 7th graders are required to have the following vaccines prior to the start of the first day of school:

  • Required: 1 dose of Tdap

  • Required: 2 doses of measles-containing vaccine

  • Encouraged: Meningococcal and HPV