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Nesbit's "First Friday" PTA Event: Fort Night 1/15/21 5:30pm
Posted 1/5/21

Join us on Friday, January 15th for First Friday ... sure it's not the actual "First Friday" of the Month but who makes the rules! WE DO!

This First Friday is like no other a night we have ever done before .... dedicated to FORT NIGHT!!!!  Ooh come on kids ... no us old people did not spell it wrong - and it's also not the type of Fortnite (see we can spell it right) that you are thinking of!  This is the ULTIMATE FORT NIGHT!!!!

Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Broomsticks, Mops, Bats ... anything except for adhesives (ex. tape) .... and let's also put into the rules that it might not be a good idea to put any holes into your parents walls ... EVEN if your parents are contractors or carpenters!  Bring your creativity!!!

After you have built your FORT, build out the INSIDE!!!  Pop some popcorn or your favorite snack!  Add in your blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and stuffies!  Grab your favorite book and a flashlight and let's all join in for an evening adventure of reading in our forts!

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ZOOM ID: 202 312 4876

Can't wait to see you on Friday, January 15th at 5:30 pm for the ULTIMATE FORT NIGHT!