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Every child in grades TK-2 has access to an on-line math website called that is tailored to your child's individualized mathematics needs.  Contact your child's teacher for login and password information.

Math Expressions

All K-5 classrooms have access to online materials for the newly adopted math curriculum.  Students can login at this link:

On-Line Curriculum

Google Accounts

Children in grades 3-5 have access to a BRSSD issued google account to save and share their documents.  Children should see their teachers for login and password information.

All BRSSD children have access to an individualized account.  Your child's account will give them access to books that are at their exact reading level as well as allow them the opportunity to take comprehension quizzes that earn them points to play games.  Contact your child's teacher password information.

Teacher Username

Grade Teacher Teacher Log In Name
TK Wilson TBD
TK Grabowski jgrabowski0
TK Sexton dsextonf
K Bosque jbosque0
K Dewart cdewart
K Rothe mrotheb
K Satkowski lsatkowski2
1 Young tyoung16
1 Kwong skwong
1 Sison jlupo2
2 Funghi cfunghi
2 Lu klu00
2 Messina vmessina0
3 Marsh kmarshs
3 Martinez jmartinez257
3 Molnar emolnar0
4 Joshi fchoi0
4 Choi trussellw
5 Moorman kmoorman1
6 Bolton TBD
6 Ting kting29
SDC Garduque TBD
SDC Goeggel kgoeggel
SDC Fusciardi rfusciardi0
SDC Ashley Digrande bashleydigrande
SDC Silk rsilk


Typing Club

Typing Club is one way to enhance your child's typing skill.  Every BRSSD child has a Typing Club membership.

Your child's user name is their first name spelled out completely (no nicknames).first three letters of their last name.grade level code (use the grade level your child just exited see below).  If your child has two legal first names, they need to use both legal first names. 
2014-2015 Grade Level Codes
TK/Kinder -- 2027
1st grade -- 2026
2nd grade -- 2025
3rd grade -- 2024
4th grade -- 2023
5th grade -- 2022
Your child's password is the same as their google accounts. Contact your child's teacher for login and password information.

Ticket 2 Read

All students, Grade K-5, have access to Ticket 2 Read online reading practice program.  See your child's teacher for login information.

Ticket to Read